Managing your contract workflow with tractFile is a breeze! Never miss another expiration date, rate increase, billing, or payment. Make your team more efficient by collaborating on important events and deadlines. Standardize templates, workflow, and processes. Take control of your critical information!



Find out how tractFile can make managing contracts a breeze!


Automation and Alerts

Be notified well in advance of critical contract events. Never let an important expiration date pass. Pay bills on time and automatically send invoices to customers with a few mouse clicks. Automatically apply rate changes to obligations and customer charges. With tractFile, you can schedule all the important dates related to every contract and make managing your important contracts easy and automatic.


Anytime on Any Device

Use tractFile on any device including your laptop, iPad, or phone. You will quickly master the system and start getting productive right away because tractFile is easy to use and understand. The software allows everyone on your team from managers to readers to quickly learn and utilize the system, expediting the flow of information in your organization.



tractFile can be customized to your specific requirements. Add new fields, create custom report templates, create custom exports, integrate with our REST API. tractFile can be integrated with any system and completely customized to your requirements.



tractFile utilizes secure encryption and well-recognized cloud providers such as Google Drive to keep your information safe and available only to those who need it.


Unlimited Storage

tractFile can store all the information you need including scanned contracts and other documents. Unlike other providers, we do not limit the number of records you can have in the system.


Visual Reporting

Key data is presented in real-time giving you a big picture view of all the important information in the system. Drill-down to see the details by clicking on a specific point. Export your records to Excel for easy manipulation and additional reporting. Use the included reports or create your own custom report templates. tractFile gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to retrieving and displaying your data.