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About Jason Bott

Jason Bott is CEO of Webcreek Technology, and has more than 20 years experience designing software applications. He has implemented contract management solutions for many Fortune 2000 companies including among others Shell, NOV, Baker Hughes, American Tower, AIG, and Total.

How Do I Select the Best Contract Management System for My Company?

When it comes to selecting a Contract Management System for your company, you must obviously weigh the pros and cons of the available options. Any successful company wishing to maintain and improve its performance, therefore, will give careful consideration to a number of essential aspects and analyze the more common problems busy companies face, and the possible solutions to these issues, [...]

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How Will a Contract Management System Help My Business?

A successful company will always have a large number of contracts in progress, and along with them a multitude of related documentation, such as billings and payments, throughout the contract development process. Handling all this information manually with pen and paper, however, often leads to various errors, which can ultimately result in cost increases and/or significant financial losses. To be sure, a company's [...]

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