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Standardized Agreement Templates Save Time and Money

As has been previously mentioned in this blog, contracts are everywhere in business, so making sure they are optimized to your business requirements is a major part of the contract process. There are four main elements to a contract; an offer, acceptance, consideration and intention: The Offer – The initial proposal to provide goods or [...]

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The benefits of linking cloud-based document storage with a CMS for easy management of contract data

The benefits of Contract Management Software (CMS) are widely known, but in a nutshell, they enable a company to streamline their operations, and where previously several different employees were charged with several different types of software, now these separate processes can be consolidated into one easy-to-use solution. This can potentially result in streamlined workflow, reduced [...]

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Reduce Business Risks with Contract Management Software

Business is all about risks. Whether you are a small business owner contemplating opening a second location, a Silicon Valley venture-capitalist on the lookout for the next big thing, or a multi-billionaire ruminating over entering the race to bring space tourism to the masses, your future could depend on the risks you take and how you [...]

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The High Cost of Misplaced Agreements

Failure to properly manage and keep track of contracts can give rise to huge problems and costs for a company and result in loss of intellectual property rights, loss of protection from supplier or employee errors, and reduced legal rights in the event of contractual disputes. When a contract is lost or misplaced, the company [...]

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