Software-based contract management systems have literally revolutionized the way business gets done today. One of the biggest advantages to your business, in terms of time and money saving features, is the e-signature (electronic signature) process. Essentially, the e-signature eliminates the need to track down individuals whose signature you need on a given contract or other form. Rather, with e-signature, the entire process is accomplished digitally, remotely, and without any need for paper and pen. Let’s take a look at how e-signatures work, and how they can translate into big savings of time and money for your business.


What Exactly Is an E-Signature?

In the simplest sense, e-signatures enable you to obtain a signature and verify the signer of a document entirely without pen and paper. E-signatures use computers and other electronic devices to send out a digital request for a document to be signed, to capture said signature using electronic means, and then to have the signed document sent back to the sender digitally. A contract management system includes this feature as part of its built-in suite, thus integrating smoothly in the over contract process. E-signatures also replicate the feel of the old-fashioned contract signing procedure, for formality and familiarity, and are just as fully legally binding.


Save Yourself Time and Money by Eliminating the Need for Physical Signatures

The fax machine is quickly becoming an endangered species, and it is no accident. Digital documentation, including e-signatures, rids you of the need for physical printouts, saving all that money you’d otherwise spend on the required printing paper, ink, and electricity used in printing.

Furthermore, you’ll greatly shorten the time between contract generation and signature, considering that no mail services are needed to get your document back and forth between its issuer and signer. This, too, will save you all those expedited mail expenses.

And finally, you’ll eliminate any security issues, as all the contract data will be kept under encryption, from contract generation to signature to send-back, never once passing hands between any third party.


So switch over to e-signatures today and see why everyone is doing the same!