Any company, small or large, knows just how time consuming employee contract management can be. And, of course, the more employees you have, the bigger the headache becomes. But these days, automation is the name of the game. An automated contract management system will save you time and stress, by helping you generate contracts using pre-made templates and expediting the data entry involved in customizing your contract forms to fit your company. Not only that, automated contract management software can help get your contracts signed quickly, by both employer and employee, by digitalizing the process with e-signatures, which can be collected online, with no need for pen and paper and the wait they entail. The following are some ways an automated employee contract management system can boost your business’s productivity.


Practical and Secure Contract Management

One important way in which automated employee contract management can help with your company’s productivity is that it streamlines contract generation and approval. The system can keep track of whatever changes need approval by overseeing managers, leaving the simpler data entry to others. In addition, by utilizing pre-made templates, you can set up the contract types you want to use for different employee classes, and the system will save these so that you can use them again to quickly generate a new contract for each new hire in the same employee class. Additionally, by guiding you step-by-step through the data fields that need to be filled in, tractFile makes it a breeze to enter any edits or changes necessary in a given employee’s contract. You can even customize the fields available in your contract templates to suit your business’s specific needs. Moreover, tractFile uses secure encryption and well-vetted Cloud providers to ensure the privacy and security of the data linked to your employee contracts and your business in general.


Permissions and Notes to Streamline Workflow

With tractFile, you’ll also benefit from a smoother workflow thanks to Permissions and Notes. Permissions can be assigned to different employees to generate, edit, and approve contracts as they are generated, even across multiple offices or countries. No need to wait for the mail to come in; just send out your contract digitally to the next person in the workflow chain, and he or she will get it instantly, and can send it back instantly as soon as it’s ready. You can even send out contracts in different languages if your business is global. You can also append notes and even upload digital files, such as photos, to any tractFile contract. And having all the contract data saved globally means you can easily keep track of any changes or pending issues that need to be addressed.


E-Signatures to Help You Meet Deadlines

As anyone in today’s business climate well knows, the saying “Time is money” is truer than ever. So imagine how much time you’ll save by eliminating the need to collect signatures physically with paper and pen, particularly if you run a business spread across multiple, and possibly distant, locations. Simply send out your employee contract digitally to the relevant electronic address or addresses, and the recipient will get the contract instantly. They can then sign it right on their device and send it back to you pronto, making the employee contract signature process and cinch.