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How an E-Signature Process Can Save You Time and Money

Software-based contract management systems have literally revolutionized the way business gets done today. One of the biggest advantages to your business, in terms of time and money saving features, is the e-signature (electronic signature) process. Essentially, the e-signature eliminates the need to track down individuals whose signature you need on a given contract or other [...]

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Why Use an Automated Employee Contract Management System?

Any company, small or large, knows just how time consuming employee contract management can be. And, of course, the more employees you have, the bigger the headache becomes. But these days, automation is the name of the game. An automated contract management system will save you time and stress, by helping you generate contracts using [...]

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Using tractFile to Manage Lease Agreements

Lease agreement management is no simple task, especially with large numbers of contracts. That’s why tractFile was created to help you manage a limitless number of contracts easily and efficiently, and manage their workflow from generation to signature to payment and collection. With tractFile, you can stay on top of your contracts ahead of time, generate contracts [...]

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Identifying the Important Events in a Contract: How tractFile Can Help Keep Tabs on Everything

Contract workflow management in large part depends on keeping abreast of the various events in a contract’s lifespan. TractFile makes it easier than ever to stay on top of important dates, such as upcoming expirations and rate increases. Thanks to a full automation suite replete with automatic alerts, you’ll stay well ahead of critical contract [...]

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